Are You Ready To Have The Ultimate Ladies Night Experience? 

Book Your Reservation Now For Wed, January 29th 7pm

Here's The Details On Why & How Our $20 Refundable Deposit Works For Confirmed Reservations... Plus What Bonuses You Get!


Rules Of Booking & Why We Take $20 Deposit & Refund Night Of

1. You can only reserve a table if you have 4 or more ladies with you. 

2. Reservations are cut off on Wed at 8am or once 12 tables of 4 or more are booked and confirmed.

3. Why do we take deposit? Because our first night we had 15 reservations and we had 3 no showed while being at standing room only. We also print named reservations and put them on the table. We want to hold people accountable and make sure they are going to show, so we place this deposit and YES.... you'll get your $20 back the night with either cash back or we can take $20 off your bill. 


How You Can Loose Your $20 Deposit

You must show up with at least 3/4th of your group by 6:45 pm. With us giving away over $2,000 in prizes each night, we get very busy and at times there's standing room only. We don't want a bunch of empty tables while others are standing. It just looks bad. So if you want to reserve a table you must be at Fozzy's with 3/4th of your group by 6:45PM, no later, or you will loose your table and deposit.  



If you book a reservation you and your entire table is guaranteed 5 extra tickets to win the prizes!  And for the person who actually books the reservation is guaranteed a gift bag from Beritt Mills Beauty with $20 gift card and a Beritt Mills Lipgloss.

Book Your Reservation Now For Wed, January 29th 7pm


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