Want a discount offer to our new location?


I’m reaching out because I want to give our existing VIP members at Fozzy’s a 25% off offer for our new location at Fozzy’s Skybox.
I have 2 buttons below and I’m asking if you’d click the accept or no thanks so you don’t receive any more follow up messages.
If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, please click the green button. When you do this you’ll get another follow up email with the offer ID# and you’ll have till end of the month to use.
If you DON’T want, click the red no thanks button and you won’t get another reminder about this.

Accept Offer (https://barmarketing.keap-link012.com/v2/click/838bd42257ad6146430f1321e270a0b4/eJyVkE0LgkAURf_LW0t-hJLuREREcxG1jilfNajjMD4jDf97Y0W7gtbv3HO57w6EgglKSwjgwFTDVIXExRkMUHjkkqOgqBXEjk_GczzLcgyouagS1fYSgvsPxQebj7btuK7O0iBRo9tNGGVpkezztMg0K5nSXf_4_KVve6uPMF6HaQ7T9LUBG07xVZd0EJDqcZ5Ycj2TdqrW_IVIdoFpntpxHLquGg7tbSGQTJ1lUqIo35_IcHgZpgePZGsF)

No Thanks (https://barmarketing.keap-link012.com/v2/click/2d56bbf821bc30295f7a46b5a252c95a/eJyVkMsOgjAQRf9l1kQeKlF2hhBCUBZG16bKqA3QNu1gBMO_Wx9xp4nrOffc3LkBoWCCshIi2DPdMF0hcXECBzQeuOIoKJaC2OHJhEHoeYEDNRdVqmWrILr9UHywx9H3g-l04gB1Ci26WS_iPCvS3TIrcssqpm3XP775eO6Hs48wWS2yJQzD1wZsOCUXW2IgIt3iY2LJ7Uza6tryZyJlItc9yr7vjKm6vbyOBJJrs0wpFOX7Ezl2L8NwB5ECawc=)

If You Click Accept, Please Check Your E-mail Within 60 Seconds To Receive Your Offer. Check Spam / Promo Folders Please.
If you don’t want the offer, Please click no thank you and we will stop reaching out about this offer.
Nick “Fozzy” Fosberg


Nick Fosberg

Thank you for visiting our website! My name is Nick "Fozzy" Fosberg. "Experience It!" Is our slogan and here's why.... Our number one goal is to provide our customers with amazing experiences. From the food, drinks, atmosphere, service, to all the different interactive promotions we provide. With that said, if you ever visit Fozzy's and have a bad experience, PLEASE reach out through Facebook or this website and let us know. Nobody is perfect and mistakes do happen in this business. However, if we don't know about them, we can't fix them 🙂 Thanks again and when you're in, ask for us! We'd love to meet you in person!