50% Off Your Meal (Today Only)


I’m feeling a little generous today and wanted to treat our VIP members!
I want to give you 50% off your meal today!
This can be used on our main menu or our new feature menu!
If you haven’t checked out the 8 new items we have, click here. (https://barmarketing.keap-link005.com/v2/click/1831c45ba272566d639cfca8e16db42e/eJyVkE8LgkAQR7_LnC1Nw8SbSIRoHqLOseVYSzku6xho-N3b_uCtoPM83uM3d2AkQZwUEMJB6EroC7KkE1ig8SiVROK4JhbHF-O7vuO4FlwlXVa6bhWE9x-KEXseZzPH8xwLuFNo0O0mitMkX-2zJE8Nq4Q2rX98QeAFi_koXK6jJINh-FrASvLyZiINhKxbfE4spJnJO301_JlZNaFtl3Xfd82UkO0SBbeGmlRIrW0cQimk4vORFLu3aXgA5mFtwA==)
Restrictions: Dine in OR Carryout. Must purchase a beverage and this can’t be combined with our regular Monday special of buy 2 meals and get a free app.
How to redeem: Just show this e-mail to your server / bartender.
Bachelor & Bachelorette
Trivia Tomorrow!
One of the top TV shows for the ladies! Join us Tuesday Feb 1st from 7-9pm and test your knowledge on who knows the most drama and details about The Bachelor + Bachelorette TV Show!
Nick “Fozzy” Fosberg

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Nick Fosberg

Thank you for visiting our website! My name is Nick "Fozzy" Fosberg. "Experience It!" Is our slogan and here's why.... Our number one goal is to provide our customers with amazing experiences. From the food, drinks, atmosphere, service, to all the different interactive promotions we provide. With that said, if you ever visit Fozzy's and have a bad experience, PLEASE reach out through Facebook or this website and let us know. Nobody is perfect and mistakes do happen in this business. However, if we don't know about them, we can't fix them 🙂 Thanks again and when you're in, ask for us! We'd love to meet you in person!